JobsTalent Concept

Talent Strategies:

Strategy One: Always regard talent introduction as the strategic goal of the enterprise, attach importance to talent, cherish talent, and create a good talent development platform.

Strategy Two: Discerning eyes call tell talent from mediocrity. Pay attention to talent selection, follow the four first and four second principles; Selection first, cultivation second; Standard first, personnel second; Appropriateness first, illustriousness second; Internal first, external second.

Strategy Three: Committed to creating an excellent team with combat effectiveness just as the saying “when a team works together, it cuts through gold” goes, giving full play to talents and creating value

Strategy Four:  Focus on talent growth and development, cooperation to plan the talent career, continue to optimize the internal talent promotion channel.

Strategy Five: Cultivate talents, to cultivate number of innovative spirit and innovation ability, well-trained, dedicated to the excellent talents for enterprise with scientific methods.


Talent Concept:

People-oriented, morality-oriented; Staffing for strength, allowing for shortcoming.


Talent Mission:

Adhering to people-oriented

Pursuing regulation first

Establishing core value

Fulfilling customer values

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