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Good News! Congratulate to DataED for Winning Series of Awards!

發布人:管理員 發布時間:2023-01-05

The new year starts with a flourishing new image and series of good news for DataED successively wining of 2022 National (Shenzhen) Double Excellence Enterprise Award for Foreign Enterprises, National (Shenzhen) Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprises Harmonious Labor Relations Promotion Award, The 2nd EMS Award Electronics Manufacturing Industry Awards - Smart Manufacturing Award and some other awards.

Today, let's have a look back at the recent "moments of honor".

2022 National (Shenzhen) Double Excellence Enterprise Award for Foreign Enterprises

The selection of outstanding foreign-invested enterprises of the year is guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and sponsored by the Shenzhen Association of Foreign-invested Enterprises. The awards are reviewed by the Ministry of Commerce, Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau, Shenzhen Ecological Environment Bureau and other departments as well as authoritative experts. For 31 consecutive years, the Annual Award for Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprises is a major event in Shenzhen's economic sector and a benchmark for foreign investment. DataED was awarded the National (Shenzhen) Outstanding Foreign Invested Enterprise Double Excellence Enterprise Award (turnover and tax payment) for 2021-2022.

For a long time, foreign-invested enterprises have played an important role in promoting the construction of a modern, international and innovative city in Shenzhen, and have become a beautiful landscape in the reform and opening up and economic and social development of Shenzhen.


National (Shenzhen) Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprises Harmonious Labor Relations Promotion Award

Since the company established, we have been paying great attention to building a harmonious working environment and labor relations. We conscientiously implement all laws and regulations, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and ensure the formation of harmonious labor relations in the enterprise.

In terms of employee welfare, we regularly hold employee birthday parties and team-building activities, actively carry out various cultural construction activities, and provide health and physical checkups, holiday gifts and other welfares. The National (Shenzhen) Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprise Harmonious Labor Relations Promotion Award is a recognition and encouragement to the labor relations work of DataED, we will continuously devote to building harmonious labor relations between enterprises and employees, employees and employees, to achieve a virtuous cycle in which employees and enterprises benefit each other and encourage each other!


Electronics Manufacturing Industry Award - Smart Manufacturing Award

In the 2nd EMS Award, which is the highest industry honor for EMS companies and individuals, co-sponsored by EMS Alliance, industry associations and the organizers of NEPCON, DataED won the Smart Manufacturing Award.

Seize new opportunities for development, carry the new responsibilities of the times! 2022 has passed, 2023 is now under way, let's continue to work in a solid and steady style, take courageous and firm steps forward, work hand in hand, unite and strive together to be the cornerstone and role model to promote the company's high-quality development.

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